Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Pre-arranged Toronto Airport Limo Advantages

Pre-Arranged Toronto Airport Limo Advantages

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In previous articles, we have discussed the advantages of an airport limo versus a taxi other transportation means. However, it is very important that our clients understand why a pre-arranged Toronto airport limo is a much better option.

What is a pre-arranged airport limo?
A pre-arrange limo refers to ordering a limousine prior to your travel, so that once you arrive to the airport, your conveyance is already waiting for you.

What are the advantages of a pre-arranged Toronto Airport Limo?

1. ReliableBe prepared for your arrival. Our pre-arranged limousine services will be there upon your arrival. Don't wait till you are at the airport to make your pickup arrangements. Weather conditions and traffic delays can sometimes make it very difficult to arrange your trip last-minute at the airport.

2. Eliminates waiting times.
As recent travelers are well aware, waiting for a taxi or a limo at the airport can be very tiring. From waiting-in-line, to having to wait for a taxi to arrive can be extremely frustrating. A pre-arranged airport limo will be there at your arrival time. As soon as you walk out of the airport, your Toronto limo will be waiting for you!

3. Meet and Greet 

If you are new to Toronto or prefer that extra peace of mind, when you request a pre-arranged Toronto airport limo, you can also request for meet and greet service at a reduced additional service fee. With this service, one of our friendly chauffeurs will wait for you in the arrivals lounge of the airport with a sign holding your name. You will then be escorted to your limousine and dropped off to your address.

4. Advanced payment
Why worry about anything other than your trip the day you arrive? Pre-arranged limousine bookings give you that added comfort of paying before your arrival so that you can relax in the limousine!

Best off all - there are no extra fees for pre-arranged limousine pick-ups Enjoy the same grate rates that we offer, exceptional service - all with that added peace of mind when booking a Toronto airport limo!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Summer Toronto Airport Limo

Summer Airport Limo in Toronto

 Lets face it, one of the worst things you can do is wait for a taxi in the intense summer heat only to find yourself travelling in a vehicle that shows up late and without air conditioning.

Our question for you is - why travel in a taxi when you can book an air-conditioned airport limo at lower cost?

Not to mention, we also have complimentary water in our Toronto airport limo

Plus, enjoy a newspaper, magazine or complimentary wireless internet in the best Toronto limo out there!
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So what are you waiting for,
Book a Toronto Airport Limo now!